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Are You an AccessaPhobe?

By Geof Collis
October 30, 2010

The Homosexual Community has fought long and hard to get Rights that were denied them, Marriage, Adoption and a place as equals in Society among some of their victories.

If you disagree that they deserve them you are labelled a “Homophobe”.

The Disability Community is continually fighting for its Rights as well, Accessibility to all aspects of Society.

If you dont feel we deserve Equal Access then you’re an AccessaPhobe.

If you think it’s ok to make us wait until 2025 for full implementation of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), then you’re an AccessaPhobe!

If you get “Slammed” by the Human Rights Commission because your Legislation falls short of Human Rights requirements then you’re an AccessaPhobe.

If you think it’s ok to put up inaccessible documentation on your website and then tell us we can have an accessible copy “Upon Request”, perhaps days later if we’re lucky, then you’re an AccessaPhobe.

If your a Business and you need to be forced into making your premises accessible by Legislation, then you’re an AccessaPhobe.

If cashing in on the Disability Community’s disposable Income is the only reason you are making your Business accessible, then you’re an AccessaPhobe.

If your only choice for Voting in an Election is a Mail In Ballot, then you’re an AccessaPhobe.

If you think it is ok to allocated a measly portion of your budget to Descriptive Video for Blind and Partially Sighted subscribers while making us pay full rates for roughly 9% of your TV lineup, then you’re an AccessaPhobe.

Even worse, if you are the Governing Body that allowed this to happen then you are truly an AccessaPhobe.

I could go on forever citing instances of discrimination against the Disabled Community, I just need to pick up the paper each and every day for examples, in any given Community.

No Government or Business would allow themselves to be seen as Homophobic. So I ask. Why is it Ok to be AccessaPhobic?