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Red Shirt Day

Today is Red Shirt Day! Red Shirt Day takes place every year across Canada on the Wednesday of National AccessAbility Week. On Red Shirt Day, people wear red shirts to spread awareness about how people with disabilities contribute to their communities and workplaces.

Red Shirt Day

Red Shirt Day and National AccessAbility Week are about recognizing that inclusion benefits everyone. Moreover, inclusion is important not only for people with disabilities, but for every person in every community across the country.

Coroner Calls Inquest Into Death of Teen at Brantford School for the Blind

Michelle McQuigge
The Canadian Press, May 29, 2020

The parents of a disabled teen who died in the care of an Ontario residential school for the blind say they’re hopeful a newly called inquest into their son’s death may protect a future generation of vulnerable students.

The province’s coroner’s office has confirmed to The Canadian Press that it will hold an inquest in to the February 2018 death of 18-year-old Samuel Brown at the W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind in Brantford, Ont.

National AccessAbility Week

This week is National AccessAbility Week!

In Canada, we celebrate National AccessAbility Week (NAAW) every year starting on the last Sunday in May. The week raises awareness about accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities in Canadian communities and workplaces. In 2020, National AccessAbility Week takes place from Sunday, May 31st until Saturday, June 6th.

Accessibility Training for Web Designers After the COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, colleges, and universities are implementing online learning. Before COVID-19, students could sometimes choose to take a course or program of study online. However, some online platforms or courses are not accessible for students with disabilities. As a result, these students could choose to take all courses in person. However, during COVID-19, online learning is no longer a choice. If a course or platform is not accessible for a student with a disability, schools and school boards must find ways to make that student’s online learning accessible. This urgent need for greater online accessibility shows us that web developers lack knowledge about the features allowing people with disabilities to navigate websites. Accessibility training for web designers after the COVID-19 pandemic would remove information barriers for future students.

David C. Onley Initiative Making Recommendations to Advance Employment for Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities

By Tyrone Burke

Companies often assume that accommodating an employee with a disability will cost thousands of dollars. It’s a misperception that can create an additional barrier to finding employment, and it contributes to the job gap between students with disabilities and those without.

“In reality, accommodations often cost $500 or less” says Julie Caldwell, assistant director of program operations for the David C. Onley Initiative.