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Proposal to Sidestep Sidewalk Disputes Could ‘Neuter’ Accessibility Policy in The London Plan

Daryl Newcombe
CTV News London Reporter
Published Nov. 19, 2021

LONDON, ONT. – City engineers believe empowering property owners in established neighbourhoods to collectively plot the path forward will reduce opposition to future sidewalk installations.
A report to council’s Civic Works Committee recommends developing Neighbourhood Sidewalk Connectivity Plans in 20 areas of London that lack sidewalks.

Rather than street by street, advance consultation would focus on the entire neighbourhood.

Ontario’s Online Health-Card Renewal System Excludes People With Disabilities, Advocates Say

Province looking at upgrading its system but declined to comment on the record Samantha Beattie, CBC News
Posted: Nov 21, 2021

The thought of driving her son to a Service Ontario centre to renew his health card fills Jane Toner with dread.

Ben, 22, suffers from chronic pain and nerve damage, which makes the bumps, vibrations and cold temperatures that inevitably come with a ride in a car excruciating – not to mention the wait in line outside the provincial centre’s location, Toner said.

Breaking Down Ontario’s Service Animal Laws After Violent Dispute at Kitchener Restaurant

Waterloo regional police have launched an investigation into a video that appears to show a man living with disabilities being aggressively kicked out of a Kitchener restaurant after an apparent dispute over his service dog. By Nick Westoll
Posted Nov 12, 2021

A shocking video that appeared to capture a recent violent dispute over the presence of a service dog at a Kitchener restaurant is bringing forward renewed attention to Ontario’s laws governing service animals.

This Piece of Gym Equipment is Pushing Accessible Fitness Forward in St. John’s

‘Accessibility needs to be considered in more aspects than just a push button on a door’ Alex Kennedy, CBC News
Posted: Nov 15, 2021

Heading to the gym with her friends in her wheelchair, Danielle Arbour says a lack of accessible options can defeat the purpose of going with a group.

“There would be instances where my friends could go off and do one thing, and I’d have to go off and do a completely other thing,” Arbour said in an interview.

Businesses Awarded for Accessibility Work

Businesses championing accessibility in Sarnia were awarded Friday. Author of the article:Tyler Kula
Publishing date:Nov 12, 2021

Businesses championing accessibility in Sarnia received some well-deserved recognition Friday through the 2021 Sarnia Accessibility Awards.

“They went above and beyond with their services and their supports to ensure people with disabilities receive the services that they need,” city accessibility co-ordinator Dale Mosley said about this year’s winners.