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Creating More Inclusive Condo Communities

Refurbishment projects an ideal time to consider accessibility improvements Thursday, October 11, 2018
By Jose De Oliveira

In condominium corporations, accessibility is too often and wrongly associated with unexpected and significant costs and veiled threats of legal action against unresponsive boards and property managers. It may be more helpful to think of through the lens of inclusivity, which is warmer and more inviting and simply means not excluding anyone.

Accessibility Upgrades Completed at Peterborough Curling Club

By Mark Giunta
Videographer, Backup News & Sports Anchor Global News

The Peterborough Curling Club is now fully accessible thanks to replacement doors at its entrance.

The new interior and exterior doors are automated allowing those with mobility issues easier access to the club.

There are at least five wheelchair curlers who frequent the club, including Carl Bax and Alec Denys.

Toronto Needs Wider, Unobstructed Sidewalks, Disability and Pedestrian Advocates Say

Toronto – CBC News

As she navigates Toronto’s sidewalks, Yin Brown finds herself dodging a dizzying array of obstacles.

“I smash into patio fences, trip over cafe chairs, get stuck in bicycle racks, walk into trees and even knock down seniors,” said the president of Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians.

Given those challenges, she said too many people like her have simply given up walking in the city.

Accessibility Concerns Raised in Stirling

By Tim Miller, The Intelligencer
Saturday, November 25, 2017
Tim Miller/The Intelligencer Local resident Bill Seeley sits in his electric scooter at the base of the stairs leading up to the second floor of the Stirling-Rawdon and District Recreation Centre. The upper floor, which is rented out for a variety of community activities, currently has no accessibility options for people with mobility issues.

Pedestrian Travel for Persons With Disabilities Can Be Difficult and Occasionally Risky

by the Ottawa Disability Coalition (ODC).
November 17, 2017

After conducting accessibility audits in 3 Ottawa areas, the ODC reports the lack of sidewalks in some areas, poor sidewalk conditions and poor or no curb cuts allowing access to sidewalks may force some with mobility disabilities to travel on the road.