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University Fails to Consult Union on AODA Implementation

Posted to site April 2, 2010

Recently, many CUPE3908 faculty received a notice from their Chairs that seemed to indicate they would be required to complete “COU/AODA Training”.

The Union did not receive any notice of the University’s plan for implementing the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
(AODA), which comes into force gradually over the next few years. We are currently awaiting clarification of how this will affect our members.

CUPE3908 supports efforts to remove barriers in the University. However, it is our understanding that providing training is the employer’s responsibility.
Training is not part of our duties under the Collective Agreement.
Therefore we are concerned at what appears to be an effort to require employees to complete the training on their own time. We are also concerned by the
University’s failure to consult or even provide notification when implementing changes that will affect our responsibilities.

At this point, we aren’t in a position to advise our members whether to complete the training or not. The training consists of 3 online modules, each of
which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. There are no tests, and there is apparently no certification for having completed the training (which
raises the question of how the University intends to enforce their March 31st deadline).

Questions, comments, and any further information can be directed to Unit 1 Steward Stephen Horner, email

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