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What is a Caroline’s Cart?

Necessity is the mother of invention. So, in true fashion, it was a mother who invented Caroline’s Cart. Drew Ann Long has a daughter who has special needs and uses a wheelchair.

As many mothers do, Long grocery shops with her daughter. However, she found it challenging to steer a shopping cart and a wheelchair at the same time. So, Long took action and designed Caroline’s Cart. While the design is Long’s, she partnered with a company called Technibuilt to have the cart manufactured. Now, Long’s goal is to see a Caroline’s Cart available at every retailer in North America. To date, many already have these carts available.

What is Caroline’s Cart?

Caroline’s Cart is a shopping cart that has seating in the front for users such as:

  • Kids with disabilities over 48 months old and 35 pounds
  • Adults with disabilities
  • Senior citizens

The cart has many safety features, such as:

  • Wheel brakes for safe loading and unloading
  • A five-point safety harness for secure sitting
  • A six-wheel design for greater stability
  • A solid platform so feet rest comfortably
  • Handlebars that rotate to allow for safe loading and unloading

Using Caroline’s Carts, caretakers and kids or seniors with mobility issues can grocery shop together. As a result, all people can take part in the common activity of grocery shopping.

How do Caroline’s Carts Impact Accessibility?

When Drew Ann Long designed Caroline’s Cart, she did so to solve a problem. Namely, she wanted to find a way to grocery shop with her daughter without struggling with a wheelchair and a shopping cart. As a result, Caroline’s Cart was born. However, Caroline’s Cart has done much more than just make Long’s grocery shopping tasks easier. Indeed, Caroline’s Carts have made shopping more accessible for everybody. Many retailers have Caroline’s Carts available, such as:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Supercentres (grocery and department store hybrids)
  • Department stores
  • Some shopping malls

The process of shopping is a part of daily life. For that reason, shopping needs to be accessible to all people. As such, caregivers need Caroline’s Carts in order to complete shopping tasks with family members who have mobility impairments. They help to reduce the number of barriers people with disabilities face when trying to complete an everyday task.

Caroline’s Carts are available in some grocery and retail stores in the United States. However, they are not yet available everywhere. Call your local grocer to ask if they have a Caroline’s Cart. If they don’t, consider writing a letter requesting one. Whether you have a loved one who may use the cart or not, requesting a cart may help another person.