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Funding for Workplace Accommodations in Ontario

Under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Employment Standard of the AODA, employers are required to accommodate workers with disabilities unless accommodation would create undue hardship. Some employers may choose not to hire a candidate with a disability because they fear that accommodating such a candidate would be too costly. However, this assumption is not true. This article will look at different types of funding for workplace accommodations.

In the Legislature Yesterday, the Ford Government Refused to Lift Its 168-Day Freeze on Standards Development Committees that Were Working on Recommendations to Remove Disability Barriers in Ontario’s Education and Health Care System

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance Update United for a Barrier-Free Society for All People with Disabilities Twitter: @aodaalliance

Yet Two Years Ago Tomorrow, It Was the Tory Party That Had Demanded in the Legislature that Ontario Create the Very Education Accessibility Regulation that the Ford Government Has Now Frozen Work on Developing

December 4, 2018


On The International Day for People with Disabilities, December 3, the AODA Alliance Calls on the Senate to Amend the Weak Bill C-81, the Proposed “Accessible Canada Act” After the Trudeau Government Voted Down Key Amendments in the House of Commons


December 3, 2018 Toronto: A tenacious Ontario-based disability rights coalition, the AODA Alliance, unveils its plans to take a campaign for Canada to enact a strong national accessibility law to Canada’s Senate! The proposed “Accessible Canada Act” which the House of Commons passed last week, is too weak to achieve its goal of making Canada barrier-free for over five million people in Canada with disabilities. Therefore the Senate needs to hold public hearings next year, and to make key amendments that the Trudeau Government blocked in the House of Commons, according to the AODA Alliance, a non-partisan Ontario disability coalition.

Breakfast Message: People With Disabilities Don’t Need Lip Service, They Want Opportunities

by: Heidi Ulrichsen
Nov. 30, 2018

The executive director of Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin has a message for business owners: please hire more people with disabilities.

What I’d like to say is give that person with a disability an opportunity, said Rob DiMeglio, speaking to at the 10th annual Persons with Disabilities Breakfast Nov. 30.

Accommodating Workers who are Blind or Visually Impaired

The Employment Standard under the AODA requires employers to accommodate workers with disabilities.  This article will specifically look at accommodating workers who are blind or visually impaired and outline the kinds of accommodations workers might need. Individual workers will know which accommodations will be most helpful for them.