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News articles regarding the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

Para Rowing: Rowing for Athletes with Disabilities

Para Rowing gives athletes with disabilities the chance to enjoy the sport of rowing. Here we feature a club in Toronto, the Argonaut Rowing Club (ARC), where athletes can participate recreationally or competitively.

What is Para Rowing?

Rowing is the act of propelling a boat through the water with the use of oars. Para rowing is an adaptive form of rowing. In para rowing, some athletes perform full rowing strokes using their arms, trunks, and legs. Others row using their trunks and arms while sitting on a fixed seat. Another class of rowers use their shoulders and arms while seated with support for their backs.

Baseball for Athletes with Disabilities: Byron Optimist Challenge Baseball

The Challenger Baseball program gives players of all abilities across Canada the chance to learn the sport of baseball. Players enjoy being part of a team while gaining individual skills. Here, we highlight a league in London, Ontario, the Byron Optimist Challenge Baseball program.

Wheelchair Tennis

Wimbledon, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments, is running from June 24th until July 14th. Talented men and women from all around the world are playing for the Championship Trophy. An exciting tournament draws attention from people of all abilities. Athletes with disabilities may be interested in playing tennis and not sure how to get involved. There are a few cities within Ontario that offer lessons, clinics, and leagues for wheelchair users. Here, we highlight a club in the Ottawa region, The National Capital Wheelchair Tennis Association (NCWTA). The NCWTA gives athletes in the Ottawa-Carlton region the chance to play and compete in the sports of wheelchair tennis and table tennis.

Wheelchair Basketball Great Lakes Conference League

The recent NBA finals and the victory of the Toronto Raptors has Ontarians beyond excited about basketball. People of all ages and abilities across the province and the country stood behind the Raptors to watch them win #6ixin6, their first ever NBA Championship. Since the NBA Championship, more people might decide to try playing the game. The Wheelchair Basketball Great Lakes Conference League makes play possible for people of all abilities, ages, and skill levels. Players in clubs across Ontario have opportunities to compete or simply to enjoy playing a sport the country loves.

Accessible Sports Venues

Under the Customer Service Standards of the AODA, service providers must make their goods, services, and facilities accessible to customers with disabilities. This article will outline features that accessible sports venues, such as arenas and stadiums, should have. Accessible sports venues allow fans of all abilities to enjoy different kinds of sports together.

Accessible Sports Venues

Venues show their welcome for fans using assistive devices when they have accessible structural features. For instance, some accessible structural features that venues might have are: