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News Articles

News articles regarding the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

AODA Training for Transportation Workers in Ontario

Under the Transportation Standard of the AODA, conventional transportation providers and specialized transportation providers must train all their workers and volunteers. AODA training for transportation workers must include how to:

  • Use accessibility equipment and features safely
  • Change procedures if this equipment is not working or if they encounter barriers
  • Keep passengers with disabilities safe during emergencies

Conventional and specialized transportation providers must keep records of how many workers have been trained and when training took place.

Bird Box Challenge: There’s More to Being Blind Than Just Wearing a Blindfold

The recent popular Netflix movie Bird Box has inspired the Bird Box challenge, which encourages viewers to wonder what it is like to be blind. The movie’s main character, Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, must take a dangerous journey with her children while all three wear blindfolds. The movie shows Malorie doing many things while blindfolded, from caring for her children to moving around safely.

January 4th is World Braille Day

Today is World Braille Day! World Braille Day, celebrated on January 4th every year, honours the legacy of Louis Braille. The day is also a chance to spread awareness about the capabilities of blind people worldwide.

What is the Transportation Standard?

The Transportation Standard of the AODA requires transportation service providers to make the features and equipment on routes and vehicles accessible to passengers with disabilities.

The Transportation Standard requires transportation companies to inform the public about accessible equipment and features on their vehicles, routes and services. They must provide this information in accessible formats upon request. Furthermore, when accessible equipment is not working, companies must find other ways to accommodate passengers. They must also ensure that the equipment is fixed as soon as possible. Moreover, companies must train workers and volunteers to:

Accessible Information at Work

Under the Employment Standard of the AODA, employers must provide accessible information to workers with disabilities through accessible formats or communication supports upon request.

Accessible information should include:

  • Documents or announcements available to every worker in an organization, such as:
    • Company newsletters
    • Health and safety information
    • Announcements of policy updates
    • Memos or word-of-mouth details about workplace social activities
  • What a worker needs to do their job, such as:
    • Presentations or videos