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Student-Led Mental Health Initiatives Across Ontario Shifting How Schools Provide Supports

By Olivia Bowden The Canadian Press

As Canadian universities and colleges face increasing pressure to provide better mental-health services on campus, students are looking to give schools fresh ideas on how to tackle the issue.

Thats how 24-year-old Ryan Golt became involved with working alongside Montreals McGill University to support students. But before he got there, he faced his own mental-health crisis.

Accessibility Must Be More Than an Add-On to Online Pedagogy

If we are serious about accessible online learning, we must talk openly about disability as if it is right here, right now because it is. By CHELSEA JONES | AUG 21 2018

Recently, I attended a conference presentation ostensibly about accessible online learning, where I watched a man we’ll call Steve fumble over gadgets at the podium. After a few assurances that we would get started right away, folks, a woman’s face appeared on a large, projected screen. Catherine (not her real name) was introduced by Steve and began talking. The trouble was that nobody could understand what she was saying.

Blind Workers Test Limitations of Online Hiring Systems

By Patrick Dorrian

Hard Rock Cafe. GameStop. Dart Container. Albertsons. What do the theme-restaurant chain, gaming retailer, foam cup maker, and grocery store chain have in common? All are accused of having online job application systems that blind workers can’t access fully.

And all four companies face lawsuits in California federal court alleging discrimination against blind and visually impaired job seekers at the very outset of the job search process. And they’re not alone. Since April, seven other employers have similarly been sued under California law in state court.

Mental health training not mandatory at U of G, other Ontario universities

298 U of G faculty took suicide alertness training in the fall of 2017, only 14 took Mental Health First Aid Hailey Salvian
CBC, Originally Posted: Jan 20, 2018

The University of Guelph does not have mandatory mental health training for faculty and staff, but instead relies on an optional “training framework” for professors and staff to learn how to support students with mental health issues.

Ontario Educational System Failing Students With Intellectual Disabilities: Report

By Andrea Gordon, Education Reporter
Fri., May 4, 2018

Students face “daunting” academic and social barriers that can leave them excluded, vulnerable to bullying and set them up for low expectations for the future, said the report, a joint project by experts in disabilities law and education.

Dorlean Lieghfars-Rotolo, with daughter Jessica, now 19, who has Down Syndrome, says she and her husband had a constant battle to make sure Jessica received appropriate accommodations in school.