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Accommodating Students With Disabilities on Campus: Moving Beyond Silos

A new report looks at how accessibility and accommodations are meeting the needs of disabled students across Canada. By MICHAEL RANCIC | NOV 21 2018

A new study aims to challenge how accessibility and accommodations are understood at postsecondary institutions. Released in October, the Landscape of Accessibility and Accommodation in Post-Secondary Education for Students with Disabilities report says that accessibility remains siloed within postsecondary education.

Accessibility Advocates Want the Ontario Government to Put Them to Work

Committees working on provincial accessibility standards say their work’s been paused for too long Taylor Simmons
CBC News
Posted: Nov 13, 2018

Kathleen Lynch, a student at Humber College, looks down at a garbage can blocking the path to her classroom. She wants Ontario to get back to work creating accessibility standards, so all of her classrooms will be equipped with automatic doors.

Ontario Human Rights Commission Releases Policy on Accessible Education

September 20, 2018 Alexandra Elves

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) recently released a new policy on accessible education for students with disabilities, which says students with disabilities continue to face barriers in all levels of education.

People With Disabilities Face Significant Barriers in Education System: Commission

Michelle McQuigge / The Canadian Press
August 29, 2018

TORONTO Ontario’s education system needs to modernize its approach to supporting disabled students at every age level and do more to eliminate persistent barriers they face in school, the province’s human rights commission said Wednesday.

In updating its education policy for people with disabilities for the first time in 14 years and issuing recommendations on accessible education, the Ontario Human Rights Commission said it wanted to offer everyone tools to address society’s evolving approach to disability issues.

Student-Led Mental Health Initiatives Across Ontario Shifting How Schools Provide Supports

By Olivia Bowden The Canadian Press

As Canadian universities and colleges face increasing pressure to provide better mental-health services on campus, students are looking to give schools fresh ideas on how to tackle the issue.

Thats how 24-year-old Ryan Golt became involved with working alongside Montreals McGill University to support students. But before he got there, he faced his own mental-health crisis.