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After a Major Outpouring from People with Disabilities, Toronto City Council Unanimously Votes to Leave in Place the Ban on Electric Scooters


May 5, 2021 Toronto: As a major victory for people with disabilities, Toronto’s City Council Today unanimously voted not to allow e-scooters in public and not to conduct a pilot project. Terrified of the danger to them that e-scooters pose, people with disabilities have been working hard to oppose the efforts of corporate lobbyists on this issue.

Improper e-Scooter Parking Causing Accessibility Issues in Kelowna

E-scooters parked in the middle of walkways can limit accessibility for people with disabilities Michael Rodriguez/
May. 4, 2021

While the City of Kelowna is touting e-scooters as a viable new way to get around town, they are posing new obstacles for some residents with disabilities.

Under a three-year provincial pilot program, Kelowna residents and tourists are now allowed to use the city’s road and shared-pathway networks to scoot around on shared or privately-owned electric scooters.

Mobility Awareness Month

This month is Mobility Awareness Month!

Mobility Awareness Month takes place across Canada in May every year. The month raises awareness about how people with physical disabilities can move freely and enjoy active lifestyles. In addition, the public can learn more about how people can use assistive devices and other equipment to be actively involved in their communities.

Mobility Awareness Month

Mobility Awareness Month is a chance for the public to learn how people use assistive devices to travel:

Toronto City Council Must Reject E-Scooter Corporate Lobbyists’ Attempt to Delay the May 5, 2021 Vote on City Staff’s Recommendation not to Conduct an E-Scooter Pilot Project

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Alliance Update United for a Barrier-Free Society for All People with Disabilities
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May 3, 2021


1. Where Do We Stand?

Mental Health Awareness Month

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Mental Health Awareness Month takes place across Canada in May every year. During this month, Canadians can learn about mental illnesses and how they affect people’s lives in different ways. In addition, the public can learn more about how to reduce the stigma around mental illnesses.

Mental Health Awareness Month

What are Mental Illnesses?

Mental illnesses are medical conditions that can affect many different aspects of a person, such as: