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Best Practices for Serving Customers with Communication Devices

Under the Customer Service Standard of the AODA, service providers’ policies must state that they welcome customers using communication devices. In our last article, we described what a few communication devices are. In this article, we offer some best practices for serving customers with communication devices.

Why Ontarians With Developmental Disabilities Still Face Employment Barriers

An employment rate below 25 per cent. An average income below the poverty line. Getting a good job can be tough for people with developmental disabilities. But for workers like Julie Timmermans, full economic citizenship is about more than just money. By Kevin Spurgaitis – Published on April 2, 2019

Understanding Communication Devices

Under the Customer Service Standard of the AODA, service providers must communicate with customers in ways that take their disabilities into account. For instance, some customers will need information in alternative formats, such as Braille, large print, or accessible websites. Likewise, some customers will need to use communication supports, such as American Sign language (ASL) interpretation, speechreading, or captioning. In addition, providers must serve customers who use communication devices. In this article, we describe a few different types of communication devices.

Breaking Barriers: Accessibility at Home a Costly Process

Blair Crawford
Updated: March 30, 2019

Its just a few centimetres high, but the sill of the sliding glass door that leads to the back deck of her Barrhaven home is a mountain to Jennifer Glanz.

Its little, but I cant get over it, said Glanz, who has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. Glanz and her husband, Eli, have already installed a $4,000 electric lift in their garage so that Jennifer can get out of the house, and recently completed a renovation to make their bathroom barrier free.

Accessible Information in Customer Service

Under the Customer Service Standards of the AODA, providers must make documentation about their accessibility available to customers with disabilities upon request. This part of the Standards applies to all public sector organizations, and private sector organizations with twenty or more workers. These service providers must offer accessible information in customer service.

Accessible Information in Customer Service

Service providers need to create written versions of their customer service policies. They must outline their procedures on how they will: